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Customer, Lawrenceville, Georgia

“AA Professional Bail Bonding made it very easy to get my boyfriend out of a Gwinnett County jail. The staff was very kind to me, explained the whole process in detail, and gave me several different options to pay for the bond. The people there made it much easier for me during a difficult time.”

Customer, Norcross, Georgia

“I am grateful that I called on AA Professional Bail Bonding in Gwinnett County. I called after midnight to get a friend out of jail, and they were immediately on the phone with me to help go through the process. There’s nothing easy about calling a bail bonding company, but the staff was very friendly and helpful – even in the middle of the night.”

Attorney, Buford, Georgia

“AA Professional Bail Bonding service is the best. I recently had a case out of Lawrenceville in which your firm went above and beyond what other bail bond services would have done for a client. He and his family were thoroughly impressed and it got our relationship off to a great start. When I asked for a retainer, it was paid promptly, in part, because of the exemplary manner in which you assisted the client.”

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